If a home buyer had to make a list of features they would like in a home town, it’s almost certain that Montclair would be a perfect match. This suburban township has a stable economy, excellent schools, diverse real estate options and access to the entertainment and arts in nearby larger cities. There are no surprises here—the township of Montclair is just as lovely to live in as it looks.

Consistently ranked high among the best places to live in New Jersey, Montclair real estate is especially affordable when compared to more dense urban centers nearby. From newer single family homes to well-established properties in older neighborhoods, Montclair is especially welcoming to those who want to take of all the benefits this picturesque township, within view of New York City, can provide. The population is just 37,000, making Montclair the perfect size for residents of all ages.

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Montclair’s economy is stable and growing more diverse every year. With several commercial sections of the city, residents can dine and shop at a wide range of establishments, from mom and pop businesses to national chains. Getting around this suburban community and connecting with nearby cities is easy thanks to NJ Transit buses, and DeCamp Bus Lines. There are also seven rail stations in Montclair for the NJ Transit Rail system, connecting the community with New York via the Hoboken Terminal and Hackettstown to the west. Road travel is accomplished via U.S. Route 46, New Jersey Route 3 and New Jersey Route 23, among others.

When it comes to things to see and do in Montclair, it’s not hard for residents to fill their days with interesting and fun-filled events. The arts play a big role in Montclair life, and there are many art venues to enjoy. Live theater and performances from groups like The Montclair Operetta Company, The Wellmont Theater, Kasser Theater at Montclair State University and the Studio Playhouse are just a few of the live theater houses that give performances year round. The Montclair Art Museum is another highlight of the arts scene in Montclair, and several other galleries are located in the Bloomfield Avenue Downtown District.

The public schools are excellent and include seven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school. They are managed by Montclair Public Schools, with a total of approximately 6,600 students. There are private schools in Montclair, like Montclair Kimberly Academy and Immaculate Conception High School, to name a few. Higher education needs are met by Montclair State University, which is a big contributor to the positive atmosphere and entertainment in this township. The university has around 22,000 students attending and consistently ranks high on lists of best universities in the state and in the country in various categories.

Homes for sale in Montclair are diverse, with many located in historic or otherwise well-established neighborhoods. There are six historic districts located in Montclair, with architecturally significant homes and buildings designed by notable architects. These blend well with newer homes in planned communities, apartments, condos and student-style housing. The diversity and range of real estate options in Montclair will definitely please even the pickiest home buyers.

When it comes to living a fulfilled life in New Jersey, just a short commute from New York City, many home buyers choose Montclair, where arts, history, education and community all come together to make dreams come true.