Homes for Sale in Short Hills: A Featured Listing

Today we are writing on one of the premier homes for sale in Short Hills as buyers within this affluent area demand the best. While there are a number of outstanding abodes on the market, the listing below is a true standout. From its designer interior to the perfectly manicured grounds, this is the sort of place that people dream of!

homes for sale in short hills

This 1902 beauty is primely located in Old Short Hills. Additionally, the home, titled Charlecote, is an intact historic estate with a park-like setting on 3 acres with 500 ft. of privacy. The listing comes with two separate lots. The first includes a 3 bedroom, 2 bath carriage house with a 2-car garage. The other offers a 6 bedroom main home features 7 bathrooms and 9 fireplaces that were brought back from the original owner’s trips abroad. Everything from the formal living and dining rooms to the intimate solarium and crow’s nest balcony creates a magical residential experience!

If you are interested in this property, or any of the other homes for sale in Short Hills, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to help you get a terrific listing!